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Bergman & Beving have aquired all shares in the Arbesko Group (April 3). Arbesko will continue to be managed as an independent product company within Bergman & Beving.
– This is very positive for us as well as our customers. We will continue to develop safety- and occupational shoes in our own unique way, like we have always done. The difference is that we have a new, strong owner behind us, says Peter Svensson, new Managing Director at Arbesko.

Peter Geisler, Managing Director and owner, Arbesko AB. Photographer: Ulla-Carin Ekblom

Arbesko has a long and fascinating history. What started as one of the country’s first shoe wholesalers five generations ago is now a company with an annual turnover of 225 million SEK. Production is based in Sweden’s only shoe factory – Age Skofabrik – which is also the most modern in Europe! Arbesko is the market leader with sales both in and outside the Nordics. But how does this work? How can Arbesko and Age shoe factory still exist when everyone else has dissolved? What’s the secret?

According to Peter Geisler, our former managing director of Arbesko (now a consultant with us), the success story is down to two factors – that the company throughout the years has managed to make the right knowledge and skills coincide with the movements in time, and that innovative thinking always has permeated the business.
I am often asked what drives us at Arbesko. And my answer is always the same – unceasing inquisitiveness and a desire to create something new. We are also driven by a desire to develop the tradition we are carrying on. After all, this company has been in the same family for 180 years! The fact that we were first and are still here is clear proof that our values, our way of working and our inquisitiveness result in safety and occupational footwear that always meets, and very often exceeds, our customers’ requirements and expectations. Another driving force for us as a Swedish company lies in developing Swedish products and demonstrating that we can compete in an international arena. Arbesko is an exceptionally innovative company and we are almost unique in the industry in that we conduct our own research. Our decision to carry out our research, development and production in Sweden was a very conscious choice. This is where the experience and knowledge we need comes from. Moreover, thanks to many years of industrial health and safety legislation, the Swedish market places the highest conceivable requirements on us and our products. This raises us and our quality even higher.

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Photographer: Ulla-Carin Ekblom