Arbesko, fabric, Photographer: Ulla-Carin Ekblom

Environmental Control Policy

Applicable laws, and other decisions and regulations from the Authorities, shall constitute a bare minimum. The companies in the ARBESKO Group shall further endeavor to prevent the business activities from having a negative effect on air, water or ground. Always use the best available, most economically reasonable technology in order to, as far as possible,

  1. Reduce emissions
  2. Reduce waste in all processes
  3. Accomplish continual improvements within the environmental area.

Environmental Control Achievements at Arbesko

Our environmental management work stems from an audit of the impact that our production has on the environment. The companies within the ARBESKO Group have, since the beginning of 1990’s, worked with a long term strategy concerning the environmental issues.

In 1991/92, on our own initiative, we applied for environmental concessions for our two production plants in Kumla and Strömstad.
During 1990-2008 we have, through our concessions and strategic goals, reduced emissions, consumption and waste of chemicals with, in many cases, 100 %.

Waste analysis, gas analysis, etc. have been performed regularly with very good, environmental improvement results. Periodical inspections are performed and Environmental Reports are issued annually for our production plants. We have good knowledge of the impact that our production has on the environment. All materials and components used in our footwear are purchased from well established suppliers who follow existing EU Directives, and other applicable requirements, concerning the use of environmental influencing chemicals. Our shoe boxes and other packing materials are made from, for the most part, recycled materials. ARBESKO AB is a member of REPA-Registret AB.

Environmental Certification

All our production plants have certified Environmental Management systems based on ISO 14001:2004. The Environmental Management systems are certified by BMG TRADA Certifiering AB (Sweden) and BSI (Brazil).

Photographer: Ulla-Carin Ekblom