Arbesko´s code of conduct is based on the UN´s Global Compact and is also in line with our own core values – proactive, positive and reliable.

We do not buy our uppers from a third party, we have our own subsidiary in Brazil, called Oksebra do Brasil, which is run in accordance with the Swedish standards of production and environmental exigencies. This infers that we pay due respect to the social security of our labour force and to nature and environmental issues.

The Arbesko Group does not tolerate forced, bonded or underage labour. Excellence in environmental performance is also essential to our business success. Compliance with all environmental laws and regulations is the foundation on which we build our environmental performance. We support and encourage further action by helping to develop and implement internationally recognized management systems and voluntary commitments.

Environment policy – We similarly approach a comprehensive understanding of the full life cycle and safe use of our products to ensure all their benefits are delivered.

Arbesko, fabric, Photographer: Ulla-Carin Ekblom

ARBESKO AB has a social program for its workers in Brazil. We want to make sure that our co-workers are granted education and financial security in conformance with our Swedish values and laws. This means, for instance, that any employee with meager schooling will be given the opportunity to complete junior high school education and, upon completion thereof awarded a raise in salary.

ARBESKO AB supports joint efforts among business, labour, civil society organizations, government, UN agencies and leading commentators in the academic and public policy communities in the ambition to fulfill the demands of Swedish (often tougher) and global regulations.

Photographer: Ulla-Carin Ekblom