Arbesko, fabric, Photographer: Ulla-Carin Ekblom

The Secret is continuous research & development

Arbesko is a leading producer of safety and occupational footwear and we are often first with new materials and technologies. We are also one of the very few to focus on how important the shoes you wear at work are for your life outside of work. The secret behind the innovative design, the exciting materials and the pioneering technical solutions is of course our continuous development work. This is, and always has been, the strongest guiding principle for our company.

The results are clear in Arbesko’s proprietary features

– The unique shock absorbing solution Energy Gel® and the latest generation elastic gel cushion – Energy Gel ® 2.0.
Energy Gel® 2.0 is a further development of Energy Gel®. An elastic gel cushion with maximum shock absorbing properties, and a specific and crucial location in the shoe. The gel cushion goes through the insole, and further down into the heel for optimum effect. Energy Gel® 2.0 consists of two parts, where the inner material is positioned right on the heel cushion, for exceptional effect. The cushion also provides lifting power when it returns to its original shape and makes for a lovely sense of rebound in each step.

– The ultimate X-40 Duo and ComfOrtho inserts.
Technically advanced, shock absorbing insert. An improved mix of PU foam and recycled rubber material provides 70% more resilience, and thus a sensational feeling of rebound and bounce. X-40 Duo works together with Energy Gel® 2.0, the gel cushion in the heel is combined with an integrated, shock absorbing surface in the tread section of the insert – as close to the foot as possible – and therefore reduces the load on the footpad. Ventilated for better comfort. Developed in cooperation with Ortholite®.

– The unique H2O Blocker construction which guarantees dry feet.
A hardwearing zipper combined with an efficient barrier against sleet and snow.

– The new SoftGrip outsole.
With a springy midsole made from PU and a TPU outsole, which together provide maximum comfort and excellent grip.

– The specially treated Super8 quality leather.
Full grain, hardwearing leather with excellent quality and the right feel. Our Super8 leather withstands water for eight consecutive hours thanks to the core impregnation – a special treatment that penetrates the leather and doesn’t wear off, in contrast to a surface impregnation.

This is a few of the added values that make Arbesko shoes something out of the ordinary. A host of new solutions are launched for each new generation of footwear – always appreciated, sometimes revolutionary.
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Needless to say, all our development work takes place in close collaboration with product developers, designers, our costumers and the qualified and experienced personnel at our Swedish production unit. We have chosen to keep our production in Sweden since this is where the knowledge about how we want to build our shoes lies, and it is this knowledge that underpins our guarantee of high quality.

Photographer: Ulla-Carin Ekblom