Added ValueAsymetrix


Outsoles with a function

Look underneath the shoe as well. There is a great deal of science here in the form of well considered cleating and functionality. For instance, the unique combination of lines, cleated patterns and surface structures provides firm slip resistance on both wet and dry surfaces.

What is Asymetrix?

Our advanced functional Asymetrix sole takes an overall approach to a common problem at work: the risk of slipping. The construction gives exceptional slip resistance both on dry and wet surfaces.

The Asymetrix sole is built around several interacting parts. The nitrile rubber in the rear of the heel and a unique combination of lines going in different directions, areas of different patterned “cleats”, and different surface structures, prevent the sole from slipping – in any direction.

The asymmetric shape contributes to a more secure footing and offers good support during, for example, heavy lifting. The sole is made of durable, oil resistant polyuerthane (PU) and has excellent shock absorption.