Added ValueEnergy Gel®

Valuable shock absorption

Spending a whole day on your feet, maybe on hard floors, takes its toll on the body. This calls for shoes with extra shock absorption.

Energy Gel® is a patented elastic gel cushion with a special positioning in the heel of the shoe. The elastic gel cushion, which has excellent shock absorbing properties, runs through the insole and down into the heel for optimum effect. The cushion also provides lifting power when regaining its original shape and creates a comfortable spring in each step.

Our shock absorption reduced sick leave by 78%!

Arbesko’s shoes with Energy Gel® have proven health benefits, confirmed in a major study. Work absence decreased significantly (by a staggering 78%) amongst factory workers with muscle and joint pains when they wore shoes with Energy Gel®. In tests, safety and occupational footwear made from Energy Gel achieves excellent results for shock absorption – on a par with many sports shoes.
PDF about the study