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Moisture Transport System keeps your feet dry

Moisture Transport System is Arbesko’s proprietary concept for creating a pleasant environment for working feet. It is based on the shoes, inserts and socks working together, on well thought through constructions, interwoven air channels and innovative materials. And the result? An effective moisture transport system that keeps feet nice and dry, day after day.

• Instead of conventional foam rubber, the tongue contains an airymaterial that breathes and aids ventilation.

• Ventilating materials, fast drying lining, airy constructions and natural leather – all to help ventilate moisture out of the shoe, fast.

• The socks are made of materials that wick moisture away, keeping feet dry. In addition, they have ventilation channels and thinner sections that effectively draw moisture away from the foot.

• The insert wicks moisture away from the foot and sock, and keeps feet nice and dry all day. The moisture is absorbed by the insert and then evaporates before the next working day.
Mostiure Transport System