Added ValueStability System


Stability System is Arbesko’s proprietary fundamental concept for making shoes that are comfortable to stand and walk in all day long, last longer than normal and that are also ergonomically correct (which is good for the whole body). It is a seal of quality beyond the everyday standard.

How we incorporate quality and ergonomics

When walking normally, the foot is subjected to a load 1.5 – 3 times the weight of the body in each step. During a working day, many people take some 10- 15,000 steps. Sometimes it’s easy to understand how important it is that occupational footwear is constructed properly. Arbesko makes shoes in accordance with its own special basic concept. We call it the Stability System and it means that we pay particular attention to a number of vital points in our safety and occupational footwear models. The result is high quality – and ergonomically correct shoes with excellent stability, a good fit and a reliable life span. Shoes that offer your feet the right support every step of the way.

This fundamental quality in safety and occupational footwear is quite unique today. Very few shoe manufacturers use the extra resources needed to build a shoe in line with our Stability System. At Arbesko we would never compromise on quality, it’s one of the cornerstones of our business. Take a closer look at the Stability System, make your own comparisons and discover that “Arbesko – Makes a difference”


Stability System – The best foundation for a pair of shoes

1. Stretched leather. The leather upper is stretched (lasted) and carefully attached underneath the insole. This ensures the leather will not stretch anymore with wear, and the shoes retain their fit.

2. Sturdy heel counter. The heel counter is anatomically rounded and moulded from a strong material to retain its fit, be sturdy and grip the heel perfectly.

3. Moulded insole. The insole follows the natural curve of the foot and gives the foot natural and comfortable support throughout the lifespan of the shoe.

4. Shank. The shank gives the foot necessary and comfortable support and contributes to a torsion resistant, sturdy shoe that bends only where the foot bends.

Is the shoe constructed the right way? Test it with your hands!

Some safety- and occupational shoes can seem soft and comfortable when you first try them on. But they don’t necessarily give your feet the right support. Too soft a shoe can prove very tiring for your legs and feet – and can lead to aches and strains. A quick and easy way to tell if a shoe is stable and provides the necessary support: use your hands!
Test your shoes
Try twisting the shoe with your hands. A shoe with a shank is torsion resistant and sturdy and supports the foot. The more torsion resistant, the better.

Feel the counter. It should be made from a strong material, feel sturdy and follow the natural roundness of the heel.

Hold the heel and toe and try bending the whole shoe. It should not bend at the arch of the foot, only just behind the toes.