Added ValueX-40 Duo

X-40 Duo

X-40 Duo

Technically advanced, shock absorbing insert, based on the latest technology in the construction of footbeds. X-40 Duo features several improved properties. A mix of PU foam and rubber material makes the insert 70% more resilient, and thus gives a sensational feeling of rebound. Comfort out of the ordinary. Developed in cooperation with Ortholite®.

* More than 70 % improved resilience.
* Increased perforation in the tread section for extra ventilation and dry feet.
* Efficient transportation of moisture and ventilation through an open cell structure.
* Anatomically moulded heel – keeps the foot in place.
* Increased contact surface for ESD.

X-40 Duo & Energy Gel® 2.0 are two innovative solutions, which together take the terms shock absorption, resilience, rebound and comfort to a whole new level. The gel cushion in the heel is combined with an integrated, shock absorbing surface in the tread section of the insert – as close to the foot as possible – and therefore reduces the load on the footpad. The feet affect the wellbeing of the rest of the body and in order to spend whole working days on your feet and still have energy for an active private life, you need shoes that make a real difference. X-40 Duo and Energy Gel® 2.0 are two revolutionary solutions that will guarantee just that.

X-40 Duo has been treated to limit the development of odor. Biocidal active substance: Dimethyloctadecyl[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ammonium chloride.