Published November 16th, 2011

Arbesko was awarded SEB’s “best international growth award 2011” when the best entrepreneurs in the Svealand region of Sweden were chosen at the annual Entrepreneur Of The Year competition. A competition backed by the company Ernst & Young.

The Jury’s motivation:
SEB’s export prize 2011 in Svealand is awarded to Peter Geisler of Arbesko. He heads the premium segment and systematically develops top class products in an international environment.

We at Arbesko have been working hard to get our products out on the export market, where Russia, Scandinavia and Canada are the current main markets. Australia and New Zeeland are of interest to us as well, as we aim to sell our shoes to smelting industries there. We’ve seen an increase from 12 to 27% in the number of shoes exported, and we hope for this to increase further in the coming years.

About the competition
The “Entrepreneur Of The Year” competition is held in more than 50 countries. The aim is to make the local entrepreneurs more visible and to increase interest in entrepreneurship. The competition also aims to inspire tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. The nominees are judged by an external jury on entrepreneurship, economic development, strategic goals, effect on society, innovation and personal integrity and influence.