Published February 8th, 2016

At Arbesko we are active on several levels and as a company we do our utmost to both have a vibrant Swedish industry and an active economy, as well as a European union with a healthy industry and trade, and opportunities for development.

Arbesko have been a manufacturer of safety- and occupational shoes since 1952 and we are the only shoe factory left in Sweden. This is important to us, and it is just as important that we, as well as other companies and industries in Sweden and the EU are able to export goods overseas, for example the Unites States, under the best possible conditions. It is just as important, if not more, to see what effect increased cooperation across borders; a free trade would have on technical developments.

One of the largest free trade negotiations in the world is currently ongoing, that between the EU and the US (the TTIP agreement). A key agreement. A the end of January, a seminar on the TTIP agreement was held at the Swedish embassy in Washington. In his roll as a small to medium entrepreneur, our managing director Peter Geisler was invited by The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and The State Depatment as a guest speaker. Present at the seminar were representatives from the EU’s negotiation delegation, the minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg, other key figures from the European Union and department representatives, high level negotiatiors and representatives from the US congress. The seminar was a success in many ways and we hope that an agreement will be signed soon.