Published April 29th, 2016

Together with the diagnostic clinic at the Nordland Hospital, Tools in Bodø and Cast Medical Norway have been awarded ”Forbedringsprisen” (the improvement award). An award handed out three times a year by Helse Nord RHF.

The project is described as a very exciting and innovative initiative, and the aim is to examine and measure how a better working environment and improved health amongst the staff can be achieved by wearing the right shoes and shoe inserts.

A selection of staff at the laboratory medicine clinic and the pathological clinic at Nordland hospital in Bodø took part in the project, which was open to all occupational categories. The target group consisted of people with pains in either feet, hips or back or people who walk and stand a lot during their working day.

The result shows marked improvements in pain levels simply by wearing the right shoes, and where there was a need, individually made shoe inserts. The participants were divided into three groups, and improvements were seen across all groups; 48%, 25% and 60% respectively.

The project has definitely contributed to an increase in the awareness of and an insight into the importance of focusing on and investing in shoes for staff. The Nordland hospital are now working to extend the knowledge across all clinics.

The price money of 250,000 NOK will be used to develop a praxis with recommendations for different types of shoes, and the requirements that shoes worn by staff should meet. The money will also be used to spread awareness and involve a physiotherapist in the project.