Published December 15th, 2016

We are launching the hottest and toughest models to date – Arbesko 650 and 710. Two new nitrile models that have everything you could wish for. A foundry boot and a safety shoe – developed in close cooperation with end users.

Arbesko 650 and Arbesko 710 have everything one could wish for from a heat resistant shoe. These new models have been meticulously developed to meet all the requirements the market puts on heat resistant products.
Arbesko 650 is a hardwearing foundry boot made from soft, impregnated and heat resistant leather, with 100 % kevlar stitching.  Arbesko 710 is a heat resistant and hardwearing safety shoe, made from the same soft, impregnated leather, with Nomex stitching and heat resistant Nomex laces.

True to form, both models have been developed with our unique focus on quality and ergonomics. In addition they are equipped with a host of clever functions and innovative solutions, to make them even more perfect for a tough and demanding working environment.

Close talks with end users
The new nitrile models have been born from extensive development work, with continuous tests and analysis in various work places. We have also, from start to finish, worked closely with a group of end users to discuss, adjust and improve the features that are of most importance to those who wear these types of safety shoes every day. The extensive tests, the conversations with end users and our test panel have been a key factor. The knowledge and experience of our end users, as well as their valuable opinions have helped us find new ways. Therefore, we can now proudly present two new, unique models that have everything one could wish for from a heat resistant shoe.

The thinking behind the orange details is rather interesting, it’s the same colour as Bauxite; the basic element of aluminium. It also relates to the colour of molten metal.

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