Published September 5th, 2016

Autumn is here! And with that, we launch Ultimate X882, the sequel to X880. Ultimate X882 is built the same way as X880, flexible, supple and very lightweight. The only difference being that the autumn model is equipped with Cordura®, the function material that is trully durable. Ultimate X882 features a sporty look and was made to follow each movement of the foot.

A lot of our inspiration for this range has come from the world of sports, and at the same time we have developed a shoe that really works for the busy day of any craftsman.

Ultimate X882 is equipped with the extremely durable function material Cordura®. The upper is all one piece, without a single stitch, and this is actually a bigger experience than you might imagine. Of course it still features Arbesko’s core quality; the Stability System – here with the new hybrid technology – which provides important stability at the back and increased flexibility at the front. Ultimate X882 features our unique gel cushion Energy Gel® for superb shock absorption, soft penetration protection and much more.

Live your life!
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