Published April 15th, 2011

PU boots Arbesko are now able to offer a top quality range of comfortable PU (Polyurethane) safety boots from well known manufacturer Bekina. PU boots, as opposed to rubber boots, is the number one choice amongst many industries; construction, farming, food industries and other wet environments, which is easy to understand given the superb comfort that they offer. PU boots offer many decisive advantages: • 1 kg lighter than rubber boots (per pair) • Remains pliable down to -30°C. • Thermo insulation which protects against heat in the summer and cold in the winter. • Very durable and excellent resistance against oils, fat and manure. Three of our models from the new Steplite X range: BEKINA 31820 STEPLITE X BEKINA 31810 STEPLITE X BEKINA 31800 STEPLITE X In addition we still carry these boots for those of you who work in extreme environments: BEKINA 31710 AGRILITE BEKINA 31725 THERMOLITE For more information please feel free to contact our customer service team. Telephone: +46 19-30 66 00 E-mail: