Published May 11th, 2011

A lot of people within the food industry are on their feet throughout the working day. Now Arbesko are offering some relief – a specially selected range of footwear.

We have created a special range of comfortable safety shoes to meet the specific demands of the industry, hygiene being one of them.

The collection is designed for people within, for example, restaurant kitchens and grocery retailers. The various models – white of course – are easy to clean and feature superb shock absorption and slip resistance. Needless to say they offer the right support and comfort for you to cope with a long working day as well as an active lifestyle outside of work.

Our selected range consists of the following models:
BEKINA 31810 STEPLITE X – Wet or sticky splashes, a floor that needs hosing down – sometimes high boots are an absolute must have.
More information about our PU boots

We also have a product folder with details on our range of footwear for the food industry. Please contact our customer service team if you would like us to send you a folder.
Telephone: +46 19 30 66 00