Published September 11th, 2015

We are now launching the successor to our very popular Arbesko 342 – Arbesko 386. It has the same features, but we have replaced the mesh with the very durable and water resistant function material Cordura®. Perfect as we go towards colder and wetter seasons.

Like its predecessor, Arbesko 386 is very comfortable and has that perfect fit, thanks to the Boa® lacing system and the unique way in which we construct our shoes.


Boa® lacing system
The well-known, high technology Boa® lacing system has proved to worked just perfectly together with our own unique way of constructing our shoes; the Stability System. We have made some crucial adjustments; like using three guide points for the wire to run through, as opposed to two, which seems to the norm amongst other brands. We have also chosen to position it higher up than usual. This enables us to present yet another shoe that has that perfect fit, with excellent heel grip and an even pressure from the lacing across the foot.

A more comfortable feeling
Of course it’s not just the lacing system that makes Arbesko 386 something out of the ordinary, it’s the combination with our own innovations.

The best feeling
Not visible from the outside, but inside our shoe hides our own, patented elastic gel cushion and an innovative insert which together provide maximum shock absorption, and a world class sense of rebound and resilience. That says it all.

The most convenient lacing
Put on, take off and adjust your shoe quickly and easily. The shoe fits perfectly and you don’t have to spend any time doing the laces up. The high technology Boa® lacing system and the Arbesko Stability System – our unique basic concept when constructing a shoe – is simply a superb combination.

The most durable function material
The extremely durable and water resistant function material Cordura® helps give your feet the best possible working environment.

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