Published April 24th, 2015

The aim was clear – we were to build a safety shoe with a perfect fit. A shoe that had that perfect feeling of comfort, and that is so easy to put on and take off – and adjust – that you can do it with one hand. That is so ergonomically clever that it makes you feel good, both at work and during your everyday life.
We succeeded.


Mostly thanks to the smart Boa® lacing system, the extremely airy mesh, the innovative and unique combination of the elastic Energy Gel® 2.0 gel cushion and X-40 Duo insert – and our unique way of constructing world class safety and occupational footwear of course. But also because we dared to wait before launching our own shoe with the Boa® lacing system, until we were more than satisfied. Simply perfect.
This is the best shoe we have ever made – ARBESKO 342.

The best feeling
It doesn’t show on the outside, but hidden within the shoe is our own, patented elastic gel cushion and an innovative insert, which together provide maximum shock absorption and resilience, and a world class sense of rebound. That says it all.

The most convenient lacing
Putting on, taking off and adjusting your shoe couldn’t be quicker or more convenient. The shoe fits perfectly and you don’t need to spend any time tying shoe laces. The high technology Boa® lacing system together with the Arbesko Stability System – our unique basic concept when constructing a shoe – is a superb combination.

The airiest mesh
ARBESKO 342 is extremely airy and provides heaps of built in ventilation. Just what you need to keep your feet from getting warm.

IMPORTANT! On our shoes with the Boa® lacing system the lacing wire runs through three specific points as opposed to two, which is the norm with many other brands. The positioning of these points, as well as opting for Boa® in particular, is carefully thought through, after a range of in house tests. This is crucial in order for the shoe to have the best possible fit, have really good heel grip and for the pressure from the lacing to be distributed evenly across the whole foot. The difference is noticed immediately.

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