Published January 13th, 2015

Whatever the underlying cause of Achilles tendonitis, there is often thickening around the actual tendon or tendon disc. This thickening can be persistent. Usually the tendon or tendon disc is sore to touch. Other symptoms such as joint stiffness in the mornings and pains in the tendon may be present. Some people may also experience a crackling feeling (crepitation) in the tendon during movement.

If you suffer from this kind of excessive strain injury, we recommend that you wear either Arbesko 862 (with nail protection) or Arbesko 855 (without nail protection) at work. Shoes that have a sturdy heel counter, which moulds itself around the heel without pushing on the Achilles tendon.

It is also advisable that you see your physician for treatment. If the problems are caused by, for example, over pronation, you would benefit from custom made inserts from Cast Medical.

/Eva Jangdin
Ergonomist/Certified physiotherapist ERGONOMEVA via Arbesko