Published May 27th, 2010

As you may already know, we held a competition during Swedish Youth Skills in Gothenburg where people were asked to dance or in other ways show what it felt like to wear our shoes with Energy Gel. We filmed them and put all the clips on Facebook for people to vote. This turned out to be very popular, as many as 67 people took part! Voting ends on May 31st.

We had just desembled the video camera when more people turned up asking if they could take part, so we started a new competition; ”The Energy Gel Photo Contest” where people put on work clothes, and obviously our shoes, and posed in front of a camera. The photos were also posted on Facebook and voting ends on May 31st.

We would like to thank all the imaginative and enthusiastic young  people for a great couple of days in Gothenburg and for all the really cool entries!