Arbesko  10106

Area of use

Flame proof sock with hardwearing sole. ESD function.

Key to symbols Features of Arbesko 10106

  • None
  • Penetration Protection
    Penetration Protection
  • Oil Resistant
    Oil Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
    Heat Resistant
  • Energy Absorb
    Energy Absorb
  • Antistatic
  • ESD
  • X40
  • Water Resist
    Water Resist
  • Energy Gel
    Energy Gel
Material: 37 % wool, 37 % Kermel, 20 % Polyamide, 4 % Lycra and 2 % Inox. Colour: Black. The combination of wool and Kermel makes this sock flame proof. Wool is also a very efficient insulator against cold. The Inox in the whole sock provides an antistatic function. The Polyamide ensures elasticity, durability and a perfect fit. The Terry knit in the sole, heel and toe makes the sock hardwearing at the same time as it protects against blisters and increases the air volume which in turn provides better insulation. The upper is stitched slightly thinner, which improves the fit. The shaft is ribbed. Can be machine washed at 40°C, and tumble dried (preferably inside out). Other: Meets the requirements for flame spread resistance in accordance with EN ISO 14116. ESD function.
Protection category
EN ISO 14116.
37-39, 40-42, 43-45, 46-48

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