Arbesko 50035

Area Of Use

Heavy industry & steel, Light industry, Building & construction, Medical & hygenic, Service professions, Winter, Offshore

ICE GRIP: SPRINGYARD ACTIVE GRIP 50035. Suitable for less labour intenstive work, jogging and walking.

Key to symbols Features of Arbesko 50035

  • Safety Toe Cap
  • Penetration Protection
  • Oil Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Energy Absorb
  • Antistatic
  • ESD
  • X40
  • Water Resist
  • Energy Gel
Supple and elastic ice grip which sits over the whole shoe. Efficient spikes made of hardwearing, reinforced steel under both heel and tread section. The spikes are replacable and are sold in sets of seven (see article Y4807).
M (35-39), L (40-44), XL (45-48)

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