Arbesko 71412

Area Of Use

Heavy industry & steel, Building & construction

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Arbesko 31928

Arbesko 31928

TRETORN SPIKTRAMP. Comfortable and spacious rubber boot with reflective strip and special pull on/pull off design, fast drying lining, penetration protection, adjustable shaft width and an oil resistant nitrile rubber sole, prepared for spikes.

Arbesko 31710

Arbesko 31710

BEKINA® BOOTS AGRILITE S5. Lightweight and durable PU boot with penetration protection, excellent slip resistance and high resistance against oils, fat and manure.

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TRETORN MINERAL S. Comfortable rubber boot with reflective strip, fast drying lining, penetration protection, reinforced instep protection and an oil resistant nitrile rubber sole, suitable for mining and construction work etc.

Key to symbols Features of Arbesko 71412

  • Safety Toe Cap
  • Penetration Protection
  • Oil Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Energy Absorb
  • Antistatic
  • ESD
  • X40
  • Water Resist
  • Energy Gel
Safety shoes
Rubber & PU boots
Natural rubber. Reflective strip.
Comfortable, durable, fast drying cotton/polyester fabric. Extra reinforced instep protection.
Hard rubber midsole for support and stability. Penetration protection.
Coarsely cleated tread, made of oil resistant nitrile rubber.
Protection category
EN ISO 20345:2011, SB, P, M, SRA, cleated outsole.
Very spacious. Solid heel grip. Height: approx. 37 cm. Girth: approx. 43 cm (size 42).

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