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Windy, wet and muddy. Snowfall and ice-biting cold. The weather can change rapidly, and so can the ground you walk on. Many of us have lately actually experienced the first snow. We hope you know that you are always warmly welcomed by the warmth of a pair of Arbesko. If you work outdoors – make sure to always have the right shoes – made to withstand the current weather conditions. We have the full range – the choice is yours!

På Arbesko tillverkar vi världens bästa skydds- och yrkesskor för professionella användare. Nu har vi bestämt oss för att bli världsbäst på att sälja dem, också. Till vårt nya, växande team söker vi därför en marknadskoordinator som vill vara med och se till att vi når dit!

Förutom att du får gå i enormt bekväma och pålitliga skor, driver du tillsammans med vårt team ett nytt sätt att arbeta. Vi erbjuder en nyckelroll på marknadsavdelningen, med stor utvecklingspotential. Vi förväntar oss att du, precis som vi, tycker om att jobba proaktivt, och kommer med egna sprudlande idéer och initiativ på hur vi bäst ska stärka och marknadsföra vårt varumärke.

Du kommer att ansvara för innehåll i och uppdateringar av sociala medier, producera trycksaker som säljmaterial, kataloger och nyhetsbrev (både externt och internt), koordinera och beställa material till kampanjer, mässor och events och hålla löpande kontakt med reklam- och PR-byrå – dvs göra allt och lite till. Du har erfarenhet av försäljningsdrivande marknadsföring, kan svänga dig med ord, har koll på hur man syns och hörs genom bruset i sociala medier, kan skina inom trycksaksproduktion, och bemästra InDesign, Illustrator och Photoshop och uppdatera vår webbplats. Men viktigast för oss är din inställning. Våra ledord är Pålitlig, Positiv och Proaktiv – och visst känner du igen dig själv i dem?

Du kommer mest arbeta på kontoret i Örebro, men räkna med att få resa till vår fantastiska skofabrik i Kumla med jämna mellanrum, eller andra ställen där du behöver synas och höras. Vi vill att du börjar så snart som möjligt (helst igår), och tjänsten är en tillsvidaretjänst. Vi kommer intervjua löpande, så tveka inte att skicka in din ansökan med CV till vår Marknadschef Maria Jonsson,, tfn 072-452 54 35

Two new rubber boots from Tretorn have taken place in our range.

TRETORN SPIKTRAMP PRO (72764) is a newly developed Wellington boot offering high comfort and great design. Special pull on/off design, adjustable leg, quick-dry lining, penetration resistance and reflective strips for improved visibility in the dark. Heavily cleated tread made of oil-resistant nitrile rubber. The boot is also prepared for spikes. The last is extra spacious, with extra room for toes.
Protection category: EN ISO 20345:2011, SB, P, E, FO, SRA, cleated outsole.

TRETORN LUMBER PRO II (72613) is lightweight and spacious with extended saw protection. Adjustable leg with quick-release buckle, quick-dry lining and reflectors for improved visibility in the dark. The boot has a oil-resistant nitrile rubber sole, and prepared for spikes. This model also has a last with extra spacious, with extra room for toes.
Protection category: EN ISO 20345:2011 & 17249:2013, SB, P, E, FO, SRA, class 3 saw protection.

In October, from the 17th to the 20st, the largest `Safety, Security and Health at work´ fair in the world takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany – A+A. We at Arbesko will be there, to present several new footwear concepts and highlights. You will find us in hall 11, at stand E36.
Please come by if you’re there!

Lacing your shoes correctly can actually be something of an art. As you know, our shoes are not laced when they’re new in the box. Did you know that there are different optimum lacing methods for narrow, wide, high or tender feet – and that tying your laces correctly will make the shoe fit you better and stay perfectly on your foot? The standard criss-cross lacing, which is most common, provides an even pressure across your entire foot, and is good for feet that look roughly like the last on which the shoe is modelled. For most people this kind of lacing is perfectly adequate, but there are other methods we’d like to tell you about.
Read more,

A brand new safety shoe from us at Arbesko will soon be available at resellers across the Nordics – Arbesko 850. An airy, comfortable and supple safety shoe, with a cool design.

– For us who work with safety- and occupational shoes the biggest reward is when someone tries on a new model and immediately notices the improvements we have worked so hard to achieve. Arbesko 850 is one of those models that’s just spot on, a safety shoe that our test panel has been enthusiastic about from the second they tried it on, says Richard Parent, our research and development manager.

Convenient fast lacing

Arbesko 850 is delightfully airy, comfortable and supple. It features a hardwearing outsole with good grip and is equipped with the latest version of the Boa® lacing system, which means you can do them up on the go – and by the press of a button, undo them and take them off. Arbesko 850 also has a comfortable insert, which together with Arbesko’s unique gel cushion, Energy Gel® 2.0, strategically placed at the heel, takes cushioning, rebound and resilience to a whole new level.


Come autumn there will be a sequel to this success – Arbesko 870 – with the same excellent properties and great feel. The only difference is that the autumn model is equipped with the Cordura® function material, as opposed to the mesh and microfiber combination of Arbesko 850. Arbesko 870 also has a more autumnal design with an orange accent colour.

In close cooperation with end users
Arbesko has developed both new models in close cooperation with a group of end users, which has proved very successful.
– The fact that we have been able to test and discuss pros and cons with those who will actually wear the shoes for hours on end is worth a great deal in the development process, says Richard Parent.
– Together with our test panel we have achieved something really, really good. The shoes are supple, quick and easy to put on, but above all they are extremely comfortable!

Arbesko 850 will be available in shops from the end of June, and the sequel, Arbesko 870 will follow in September.

Will still be managed as an independent product company

Bergman & Beving have aquired all shares in the Arbesko Group (April 3)

– This is very positive for us as well as our customers. We will continue to develop safety- and occupational shoes in our own unique way, like we have always done. The difference is that we have a new, strong owner behind us, says Peter Svensson, new Managing Director at Arbesko.

Arbesko is a successful family business with its’ own research and development, as well as production (in for example Kumla, Sweden) of safety- and occupational footwear for proffessional users. We have a long and fascinating history behind us. What started with Sweden’s first shoe retailer five generations ago is now a company with a 200 million SEK annual turnover, and appr. 120 employees. Arbesko is the market leader of safety- and occupational footwear and established both on and outside the Nordic market. Arbesko’s shoes are distributed through several of the leading building and industrial resellers in the Nordic countries.

Arbesko has a long term focus on how the feet affect the wellbeing of the rest of the body – and the importance of wearing the right shoes in order for the user to have energy left over for everyday life. Our focus on quality and ergonimics is unique. Furthermore, the shoes are equipped with a host of clever functions and innovative solutions.

Bergman & Beving develop competitive solutions within products and services – premium brands -that stand for innovations and quality for proffesional users within the building and industrial sectors. The company markets their services through several resellers in numerous countries. Sales take place through each individual entity, and sales channels are honed based on each company’s unique predicaments.

– With their very clear focus on premium brands, Bergman & Beving was a natural choice as new owner of Arbesko, and responsible for developing Arbesko in the future, says Peter Geisler, who after 34 years as owner and Managing Director felt that selling the company was a natural step to take. Tomorrow’s market demands the ability and the resources to continue to develop longterm, which Bergman & Beving offers. We at Arbesko look forward to continuing our positive and longterm development with our customers and resellers – and with a new, strong owner that shares our goals and values.

Arbesko will continue to be managed as an independent product company within Bergman & Beving.

– Arbesko is a well established company with high competence amongst its’ staff, a strong brand, good customer relations and a strong position on the Nordic market, says Pontus Boman, Managing Director at Bergman & Beving. The acquistion is entirely in line with the Bergman & Beving strategy, where our product companies develop premium brands within various product- and usage areas, for proffesional users within the building and indsutrial sectors. We see very good possibilities for further development and growth of Arbesko as part of Bergman & Beving.

Contact person at Arbesko
Peter Svensson, Managing Director –, +4619306608

Contact person at Bergman & Beving
Pontus Boman, Managing Dircetor –, +46703360248

We’re almost there. The world pastry cup, Coupe de Monde de la Pâtisserie takes place in French Lyon on January 22nd-23rd. Our Swedish team has qualified for the competition, and Arbesko are proud sponsors and will make sure the entire team have the right shoes.
Good luck in Lyon!

We are launching the hottest and toughest models to date – Arbesko 650 and 710. Two new nitrile models that have everything you could wish for. A foundry boot and a safety shoe – developed in close cooperation with end users.

Arbesko 650 and Arbesko 710 have everything one could wish for from a heat resistant shoe. These new models have been meticulously developed to meet all the requirements the market puts on heat resistant products.
Arbesko 650 is a hardwearing foundry boot made from soft, impregnated and heat resistant leather, with 100 % kevlar stitching.  Arbesko 710 is a heat resistant and hardwearing safety shoe, made from the same soft, impregnated leather, with Nomex stitching and heat resistant Nomex laces.

True to form, both models have been developed with our unique focus on quality and ergonomics. In addition they are equipped with a host of clever functions and innovative solutions, to make them even more perfect for a tough and demanding working environment.

Close talks with end users
The new nitrile models have been born from extensive development work, with continuous tests and analysis in various work places. We have also, from start to finish, worked closely with a group of end users to discuss, adjust and improve the features that are of most importance to those who wear these types of safety shoes every day. The extensive tests, the conversations with end users and our test panel have been a key factor. The knowledge and experience of our end users, as well as their valuable opinions have helped us find new ways. Therefore, we can now proudly present two new, unique models that have everything one could wish for from a heat resistant shoe.

The thinking behind the orange details is rather interesting, it’s the same colour as Bauxite; the basic element of aluminium. It also relates to the colour of molten metal.

Find out more about Arbesko 650 >>


Find out more about Arbesko 710 >>


As you all know by now, Arbesko are proud partners of the Swedish occupational skills team. Now it’s time for EuroSkills in Gothenburg on December 1st – 3rd. Competing at the event are the most talented youths, aged 18-25 in 35 different occupational categories, such as plumbers, carpenters, chefs and web designers to name just a few.

This is a very prestigious event, the largest occupational skills competition in Europe and a unique opportunity to show enthusiasm and inspire others. A chance to show that everyone can get the knowledge, skills and work that lead to both personal success and contributes to continuous economic growth in Europe.

Arbesko are of course on hand to supply the team with shoes – suitable for each and every trade of course. Good luck from all of us!