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Arbesko X Michelin

Svartå 895

Svartå 895 is a smooth and comfortable ESD-approved safety shoe with a classic, stylish look. Suitable for anyone working in light industry and service professions. Superb cushioning, excellent rebound and sense of resilience.

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Oxelösund 604

Oxelösund 604 is a hard-wearing safety boot developed for building environments that can contain both hot work and many hours outdoors in wet and slush. The boot is equipped with aluminum toe cap and soft nail protection.

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Shoemakers since 1839

What started as one of Sweden’s first shoe wholesalers is now a marketing leading company with sales both in and outside the Nordics. We have produced safety- and occupational shoes of the highest quality since 1839.

Arbesko x Michelin

Together with the leading tire manufacturer Michelin and a Swedish fashion designer, we have created the new series Kontroll with a heavy dose of design and superior grip.

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Design philosophy

When we develop our shoes, we mix high technology with biology: professional skills in the form of shoemaking combined with knowledge of the natural movements of the human body.

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