Made for extreme heat conditions

Oxelösund 550

Oxelösund 550 is a safety boot developed for extreme conditions. Equipped with a toecap made from aluminium, a metal free nail protection, premium quality heat insulation, kevlarthreads and heat/chemical resistant outsole this boot will protect your feet no matter the environment.

Oxelösund 604

Oxelösund 604 is a robust safety boot developed for construction environments. It canhandle everything from extreme heat, to hours on end in wet and cold conditions. The Super8-leather makes the boot increadibly durable, breathable and completely waterproof for a minimum of 8 hours.

Oxelösund 650

Oxelösund 650 is a covered boot/welding boot. Made for heavy industry where welding and liquid metals are common, the 650 boot includes kevlar stitching, thick protective leather and a heat resistant sole. Curating and researching different heat materials, we guarantee heat resistance down to every last detail.

Oxelösund 701

Oxelösund 701 is a covered safety shoe. The loafer-like model is made for industrial surroundings with both water- and heat resistant materials. Paired with a chemical resistant sole this shoe competent and easy to keep clean no matter your workday challenges.

Oxelösund 710

Oxelösund 710 is a capable safety shoe with heat resistant shoelaces, seams and details. Paired with the same nitrile sole as the rest of the series, it can withstand constant heat within the range of 300 degrees celsius.

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