Boliden Bergsöe chooses Arbesko’s Oxelösund range to protect against liquid metal

Matthias Jönsson has been working at Boliden Bergsöe in Landskrona for nine years. A normal working day means several hours by the shaft furnace, where spent lead batteries are melted down and recycled. Splashes and sparks from the furnace reach heat levels of 1,200 degrees, and it’s incredibly important to wear protective footwear that withstands this heat.

- “The work environment is extremely hot. It’s important to make sure it melts where it should melt, and nowhere else. We maintain a strong focus on risks in our everyday work, and are constantly working on continuous improvements,” says Matthias.

As one element of its work with risks in everyday work, Boliden Bergsöe made the decision several years ago that there are no alternatives in this hot environment, and the protective footwear used must be from Arbesko’s Oxelösund range. Quite simply because they are the only ones that can withstand the extreme heat.

- “If a spark hits the safety shoe, it can burn a hole. I’ve experienced that before, and believe me, I don’t want to go through it again. I now use the Oxelösund 550, which is the boot model. It extends high up the leg and withstands the tough environment in which we work. Another advantage is that it provides good ventilation for the foot, which is important when you’re working in as hot an environment as we are.”

Heat-resistant with high level of comfort

In other hot environments at Boliden Bergsöe, the Oxelösund 650 is used, also known as the welder’s boot. It is not as high as the boot, but is also heat-resistant down to the smallest detail and protects against liquid metal, for example.

- “The protective footwear is very hard-wearing, and in addition to the Oxelösund being heat-resistant, it also has an aluminium toe cap that protects the foot against spikes and hard bars. As an extra bonus, the boot is a perfect fit right away, and I don’t have to walk around for several weeks with chafing feet due to a rigid safety shoe that needs to be worn in first. That’s great,” concludes Matthias.

Facts Boliden Bergsöe
Boliden Bergsöe in Landskrona is the Nordic region’s only facility for lead recycling and one of Europe’s largest recyclers of spent lead batteries. Every year, lead is recycled from around four million spent car batteries, and at least 70% of the lead produced is sold to the battery industry in Europe, where it is reused. Lead is 100% recyclable and can be recycled time after time without compromising its properties.

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