Umeå does the job in northern Öland

Good, correct equipment is important in all professions. And the right footwear is often one of the most important factors. Especially for joiners who are constantly on the move, both high up and low down. Ola Karlsson, a joiner in northern Öland for the past 20 years, is one of the people who makes sure that he always uses good, correct products. He is fully booked for the next 1.5 years and basically, if he’s to keep to his tight schedule, he mustn’t fall ill. And one of the keys to being able to work a lot is to wear the right shoes on your feet.

- I’ve tried out most kinds of footwear to work in, but I didn’t find the right one until I tried Arbesko’s Umeå range. That was something totally different, I have to say. They’re an amazing fit, they provide good support on ladders, roofs and floors, and they have a wearing part on the toe that protects the shoe when you’re working low down, which many other shoes don’t have. I like that about the Arbesko shoe, says Ola.

one favourite for every season

- Now, in the summer, I’m using Umeå 939. It’s made of textile and is airy, but doesn’t let in sawdust or anything else. In the autumn and spring, I wear Umeå 945, which is made completely of leather, it’s quite warm and waterproof, which is good here in northern Öland. It can be pretty damp here because we don’t have much snow. But I’m still almost longing for winter. I’ve bought another pair of boots, Umeå 949, which fit like a pair of slippers. That’s perfect here on Öland during the winter. It’s hot enough when it’s around zero, and it’s perfect where I work. Now in the summer, when it’s 30 degrees, they’re really hot.

Next generation of joiners

His son Viktor, aged 13, wants to learn the joinery skills from scratch and often helps out when he gets the chance. He too hadn’t found any footwear he was happy with, until he tried Umeå 939.
- He only takes then off when he goes to bed. That’s how satisfied he is. So we just had to buy a pair, concludes Ola.

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